Applying for Taiwan’s Quarantine Subsidy

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A friend recently came to Taiwan and completed their quarantine without a hitch. They were a little confused by the conflicting information about the NT$1000/day subsidy though, whether or not they were eligible, and how to apply.

Eligibility requirements

You must:

  1. Be in receipt of a quarantine notice
  2. Submit your application AFTER completing quarantine
  3. Not have broken any rules during quarantine
  4. Not be in receipt of salary or other compensation during quarantine period
  5. (from March 17 onwards) Have not departed Taiwan on an unnecessary trip to another country or region with a level 3 warning (necessary trips including siblings weddings and funerals of relatives to the third degree (incl. aunts, uncles, nephews, grandparents, grandchildren) and business trips.)
  6. Have filled out your quarantine notice information accurately and completely.
  7. (from June 17 onwards) hold Taiwanese nationality or hold an ARC/resident visa – foreigners without residence cannot apply.

Note: If you enter on a resident visa that you subsequently swap for an ARC and your period of quarantine overlaps with the period of residence with the resident visa you can still collect the subsidy.

If you’re still not sure, you can check your eligibility by calling the 1957 hotline.

Applying in person:

To apply in person you need to go to the counter of the District Office (區公所) of the district in which you completed your quarantine. If your quarantine hotel was in Wanhua, for example, you’d have to apply here:
10-12F, No.120, Sec. 3, Heping W. Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
Tel: 886-2-2306-4468

You’ll need your ARC, your passport and evidence of no income (unless you’re a student).

Applying online:

You can only apply online if you’ve already got a Taiwanese bank account. You should have your passport and ARC handy.

Open this website in Chrome:

Click on the green box 「隔離檢疫者防疫補償申請」 (apply for quarantine subsidy).

On the next page, it will ask you to tick a box, showing that you’ve read the terms and conditions and that you will provide accurate information. Then you follow the remaining prompts to fill in your personal info (maybe get a Taiwanese friend to help if your Chinese isn’t up to it).

If anyone has more accurate information on this process, feel free to send it to me so I can update the post!

There are six stages and once you’ve submitted your application, you can click the yellow box above to check on your application status or make alterations.

Conor Stuart studied Chinese at Leeds University in the UK, including a year in Beijing, and subsequently completed his master’s degree at the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at National Taiwan University. Read more of Conor’s work on his blog, Translating Taiwan.


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  1. Reymar rocas

    May I ask. For example I arrived her in taiwan on Feb. 24 2021. How many months do I have to count to receive my quarantine sudsidy. But I have a broker to work from it. But until now I don’t have any update. Thanks for answering.

    • If you’ve applied for your subsidy, then maybe you can try to follow up the status of your application by calling 1957.

  2. Mark Anthony Dayrit Sembrano

    Where can I follow up my Quaratine Subsidy Application,

    • As mentioned in the article, you can try calling the 1957 hotline, or checking in with the District Office (區公所) in the district where you completed quarantine.

      • Mark Anthony Dayrit Sembrano

        The Quarantine Subsidy is approved, but it is not shown in my bank account? From the day it is approved how many days is the waiting period until it deposit in my bank account.

      • We don’t have direct access to answers for this kind of question. You can see that this blog is reposted from another site. You can direct a question to him via his site, he works for the government and may have better information for you.

  3. How long the process will take for after application for subsidy? And when the money will be credited?

    • These timelines are likely to fluctuate some based on the traffic they are fielding for the system. We would recommend that you contact the resources listed in the article for more accurate answers to these questions.

  4. Hello, I was applying for the compensation and is in the 4th step, which is the updating files, it keeps mentioning that ‘applicants with a residence permit and registering passport number at the same time, please upload the passport information with other attachments at the same time.’ I uploaded the required documents already, the ARC front and back, the legal consent, the isolation notice and the passbook cover and somehow it does not want to continue to the next step.

    • As we have mentioned in previous comments, we are not authorities on this. To get answers to this issue, contact one of the resources mentioned in the article.

  5. Hi, I am applied for compensation in last week status shows the application accepted. So can I know approximately how many days take to get the refund.

    • Hi Ram,
      We’ve heard anything from two weeks to a month, depending on if you filled out all the paperwork correctly.
      Here’s hoping you get your refund soon.

  6. Regil ken rosal

    Can i ask if how many months will wait after this conpensation will come. Im already 6 months here in taiwan. My broker tell us that we need to change our arc first is that true?

    • This article is reposted from Translating Taiwan blog (you can see links to the original in the post). We’d recommend you comment on his original post or send Connor a message as he works with the government and may be able to provide you with an answer.

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