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TLDR: Take our survey and help us make living and working in Taiwan better!

A quality blog. Great networking events. A comprehensive job fair. These are some of the things that we at All Hands have been working hard on for the past year. And we’re excited to announce that we are working on another big project to help improve understanding of foreigners in Taiwan: a whitepaper focused on explaining the needs and experiences of the foreign community to the Taiwanese government. How much does the government know about foreigners in Taiwan? Aside from how many there are and what country they’re from, there doesn’t seem to be much info or statistics about the foreign community.

We want to know more and we believe the relevant agencies should know more about this important community. We have lots of questions about the foreigner working experience in Taiwan, and we bet that you do, too. For example: How much can I really expect to be paid as a junior technical writer in a Taiwanese startup company? How many foreigners are living here in Taiwan as digital nomads? How hard do current government regulations make it to get a job here? Do I really need Mandarin to get a good job outside of English teaching?

While the answers to these questions are interesting enough on their own, some of them will inform us of ways the government can help us be better and live better here.

So when we’ve put all the data together and come up with results-based suggestions on how to bring and keep more talented foreigners here, we’ll present our whitepaper to the Taiwan government. As a founding member of the Talent Circulation Alliance, All Hands has friends in the government who are helping our community get our ideas across. With Taiwan’s pressing brain drain issues, this nation needs to know how to help us stay here and contribute, now more than ever.

But before we can make those discussions happen with the government, we need your help. Yes, you. We need YOU to help us fill out our Foreigners in Taiwan survey. Why? Because you and your friends sharing your experiences is the only way to gather the data we need. The survey should take about 10 minutes, and the survey results are anonymous.

The 10 minutes you spend on this will go a long way towards helping you and the people you care about, so please help us all and take the Foreigners in Taiwan survey.

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