The 2019 All Hands x TCA International Job Fair

In September 2019, All Hands organised their First Annual International Job Fair, presented by the Talent Circulation Alliance.
This was a new kind of job fair for Taiwan, one that focused on bringing together forward-thinking companies with leading international Taiwanese talent (lived/studied/worked abroad) and foreign talent.

 A few key points : 
  • 30 Exhibitors 
  • 1000 Job Seekers 
  • Companies that featured diverse and international workplaces and teams. 
  • Job openings specifically-targeted to foreign talent (little or no Chinese required for many roles). 
  • Openings that were available to foreigners or local Taiwanese. 
  • Speaking engagements from governmental and NGO employment leaders, businesses exhibiting at the job fair, and universities. 
  • Internship opportunities available. 
  • Companies spanning software, creative services, FMCG, B2B enterprise technologies, employment and education solutions, startups, and multi-national companies